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Now that winter is over and the weather is getting nice, we start to do what most Michiganders enjoy, having parties, graduations, bar-b-ques, etc.  So you set your guest list and make the calls to everyone so they can share in the fun.  A few guests that you may have overlooked just may come and ruin all of your hard work and effort. READ MORE >>

I was home for awhile, nursing a broken ankle.  During that time I watched a lot of TV.  There were so many commercials asking me to call or go online for an auto insurance quote.   They were boasting how it would only take 7.5 minutes and they could save me hundreds of dollars. READ MORE >>

Soon your children will be heading back to school, as you get your child ready, shopping for clothes and school supplies, you should also make sure your insurance is ready too. Does your child go to school over 100 miles from home?  Or does he/she get good grades? READ MORE >>

Should you be concerned about lawsuits?  if you own a home or a car, the answer is a definite yes.  If you own watercraft or recreational vehicles you should be even more alarmed.  The number of lawsuits has increased dramatically in the last decade and the average award amounts are easily reaching over $1 million. READ MORE >>

A month or so ago, my basement flooded.  The culprit, tree roots in the sewer.  Although most of the water was in my laundry area, there was water on the finished side of the basement too.  Lucky, I had the cell phone number of Ashlee at ECI Services, Property Restoration Experts. READ MORE >>

OK, I have to admit, there was an entirely different verbal reaction to waking up this Sunday morning to a flooded basement.  My husband put on his boots and went down to the basement to look over the wet situation and see what he could do.  Unfortunately, the water level increased and he decided it was beyond a do-it-yourself situation. READ MORE >>

After reading a number of articles about shopping safety, I ventured out this weekend prepared to get all my shopping done and stay out of harm’s way. I started out first thing in the morning, because shopping is less risky in daylight.  I did not want to shop alone - you know safety in numbers, so my husband came too. READ MORE >>

The holidays are fast approaching.  You are getting ready for the holidays, buying gifts, getting the house ready for guests, cooking, baking, making travel arrangements and so on.  You probably get your car ready too, checking tire pressure, washer fluid level, and the condition of wiper blades. READ MORE >>

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